Telehealth Services

ASAC offers several evaluation and therapeutic services using a telehealth model. Virtual session are conducted online, using secure and HIPPA compliant meeting software.

Telehealth Services at ASAC


Diagnostic Confirmation Evaluations  

Diagnostic confirmation evaluations are conducted when an individual has already received a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)*, but additional psychological testing is needed in order to confirm or verify the diagnosis. The most common reason for these evaluations is to gain insurance authorization to initiate treatment services such as applied behavior analysis (ABA). The evaluation includes one or more of the following: 

  • Parent/Caregiver interview
  • Assessment of autism symptomatology
  • Assessment of adaptive functioning
  • Review of records

Diagnostic confirmation evaluations require a previous diagnosis of ASD from a diagnosing professional (e.g., neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, developmental pediatrician).

Cost: $500-$1000 (assessment requirements vary, call for more information)

Developmental Diagnostic Evaluation (Infancy through age 3)

A developmental diagnostic evaluation is conducted when there are concerns about a young child's communication, language, social functioning and/or when there are suspicions of a possible ASD.  Developmental diagnostic evaluations consist of: 

  • Parent/caregiver interview 
  • Assessment of autism symptomatology (including administration of Tele-ASD-Peds, a virtual observational assessment measure.
  • Developmental testing to assess language, daily livings skills and motor skills
  • Assessment of emotional/behavioral functioning
  • Review of any prior records

Upon completion of the evaluation, caregivers are provided with a feedback session and a written report, detailing the results of the evaluation and therapeutic recommendations. 

Cost: $2200


Autism Caregiver Training (ACT)

ACT is a 10-week program for parents/caregivers of children (aged 3-8) who are diagnosed with ASD and are exhibiting challenging or disruptive behavior. Each week, participants attend one 60-minute small group session and one 60-minute individual session. Under the guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), participants learn applied behavior analytic (ABA) strategies to: 

  • Identify the causes of disruptive behavior
  • Reduce problem behaviors at home and in the community
  • Improve pro-social behaviors and adaptive skills

Upon completion of the program, participants receive an written behavioral intervention plan, that is individually-tailored to their child's needs. This training is appropriate for parents or caregivers of children who are currently receiving ABA therapy, as well as those who are not. CLICK HERE to download ACT brochure.

Cost: $1000 for 10-week program 

Project ImPACT:Improving Parents As Communication Teachers

Project is a 6-week parent coaching program for parents of children between the ages of 3-5 years old, with social communication delays or a diagnosis of ASD. Each week, participants attend one 60-minute small group session and one 60-minute individual coaching session. Participant are taught strategies to help their child develop four key building blocks for learning: social engagement, communication, imitation and play skills. These strategies can be applied throughout regular everyday activities. CLICK HERE to download Project ImPACT brochure.

Cost: $600 for 6-week program